viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2008


Then i'm here by myself, remembering the day i met you, the first message that came from you...the first step to a wonderful journey, the most amazing trip i have had in all my life. I spent the day thinking about you, i made a reminiscence of what we were, what we had and what we lost, and it feels so good and bad at the same time. I miss you, you know, but i can't tell you i do, 'cause it might be wrong now. So then i miss you, period! I just can't forget my whole life with this is it, without you everything just seems so awful, senseless...This day last year, it was the first time i knew about you, the first time i saw your face at a picture, the first time a made a resume in my head and visualize the rest of my life with my side, then i met you, then i touched your soul, kissed you and taste perfection. Then i made the worst mistake; and then i'm here, with myself, thinking of you. You know what?, i wish that i was looking into your eyes right now...but you know i still, you know i still...

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