lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

Missed Line

Then there was a line in the script we never noticed
it was compossed by the words we missed long ago
in the way for today
to the thoughts of tomorrow

I broke that phrase in two and replaced your part
you really didn't care
but at that moment i was breaking your heart

So i let the words speak by themselfs
it spread your soul through your feelings
through your tears up to the air

Then you screamed
shouted it aloud
threw it to my face
'cause of the lies i made you say
in that line that it was fake

I hide the mess i made in you
i dismissed that line for saving you
i think it was the best
just to keep the rest

Then the worst mess is done
you discover the truth in my intention
to hide what you always knew
either i was right or wrong
now i know it would have been better
to be sincere

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